The Partner Program is designed for Photographers  and agencies partners who offer added value to E-commerce. It aims to help partners create new and profitable sales channels which focus on the digital world.

Spinframe360 platform and advanced tools enable partners to outperform their competitors by offering their consumers significant added value,translating intoincreased online sales. We recognize the added value that is brought to us by our business partners, and are committed to offering sales tools and support that will deliver ongoing profitability for our business partners in the digital world. We offer a reward & bonus plan based on partner performance. By using Spinframe360, we commit that the digital channel will become a growing source of income for our business partners.

As a business partner, Spinframe360 will provide you with the following support and added value:

  • Sales and Marketing Kit
  • Access to a Partners site that gives access to a set of helpful analytical tools for partners
  • Training for sales and supportpeople
  • Roadshows by Spinframe’s managementin order tosupport your sales team
  • Sales Support
  • Technical Support
  • Digital marketing assistance
  • Lead referral to the relevant partner
  • Marketing materials and White Paper
  • User Manualfor the stage
  • Help with building the annual sales plan and the necessary preparations
  • A shared commitment to become a certified partner (CERTIFIED)
  • Meeting the objectives
  • Participation in training and teaching materials
  • Manpower for sales and support
  • Marketing budget and marketing plan

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