Comprehensive Turnkey Solution for Interactive files

Spinframe360’s marketing solutions boost showroom and E-commerce sales. Our 360 degree-view technology is implemented by many clients worldwide. Spinframe360 is a professional provider of 360 solutions including manufacturing and production.  Spinframe360’s OSS is designed to help photographers produce 360 interactive products in the best and most efficient way, with advanced platforms.

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Our Automated Solutions

Our automatically rotating vehicle platform is the ultimate way to produce stunning 360 degree-view images and media files. The very low platform height (9 cm) and 5 meter diameter, enables easy uploading of all types of vehicles. The stage is driven by four Bosch engines, enabling the rotation of vehicles weighing up to 4 tons.

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Buyers are faced with uncertainties due to a lack of readily-available informationonline, which translates intoa lack of confidencein both the product to be purchased and the seller providing the product.

In a pioneer project such as this one – you want to have the best partner with you on board. No doubt – Spin Frame are true partners to innovative projects They allow you to be agile, flexible and most of all – creative and innovative, without compromising on the quality and timeline

Yossi Erez , VP


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