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Spinframe360’s marketing solutions boost showroom and E-commerce sales. Our 360 degree-view technology is implemented by many clients worldwide. Spinframe360 is a professional provider of 360 solutions including manufacturing and production.  Spinframe360’s OSS is designed to help photographers produce 360 interactive products in the best and most efficient way, with advanced platforms.

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SL3- Automated Photo Station

Our automatically rotating vehicle platform is the ultimate way to produce stunning 360 degree-view images and media files. The very low platform height (9 cm) and 5 meter diameter, enables easy uploading of all types of vehicles. The stage is driven by four Bosch engines, enabling the rotation of vehicles weighing up to 4 tons.

The system’s integrated camera system and dedicated control software is fully synchronized with our distribution and file management service.

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SL4 – Product Turntable

The ultimate system to create 360 files for smaller product sizes up to 2.45 meters, weighing up to 500 kg. The system can be easily installed with full integration of the Spinframe cloud service. The system is powered by  Shnider motors with dedicated control software and advanced control and cameras. The system is modular; the top surface can be replaced, the height can be changed and the speed of work can be adjusted.

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In house control software

Synchronize and control from any computer –The system is operated by a central control software that identifies the vehicle (via license plate recognition software), moves the stage, controls cameras and provides precise timing of the photographic process.

Extract files in 1:37 sec –At the end of the process, the system sends a ready 360° file containing all vehicle data directly to the cloud, with an option for file management and distribution.

New! Business intelligence interface with Clickn’GO Service

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E-commerce service

Spinframe360 has a team of qualified distributors who can produce interactive products at the highest level with maximum matching to most e-commerce websites including Amazon, Costco etc.

For more information please contact info@spinframe.co.il

360 Project Management

We manage, characterize and set up special projects that allow you to create an automated production process. The company’s engineering team has extensive experience in construction of enclosures for 360 photography.

In a pioneer project such as this one – you want to have the best partner with you on board. No doubt – Spin Frame are true partners to innovative projects They allow you to be agile, flexible and most of all – creative and innovative, without compromising on the quality and timeline

Yossi Erez , VP


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